​Lift Putter is the club that saves your back! Insert putter head into cup and your ball is lifted under mallet head. Works everywhere including rough grass, bunkers, under water, your carpet at work, etc. Posting a video soon to show the latest version of the 2017 putters (Made in the USA)

Franchises will be offered in all 50 states including other countries worldwide. Regular sales, bulk wholesale, and mini-golf demo offers. Websites and social media feeds will make the company very profitable to our investors. Call the office @  1-424-781-5435 or email to

We are hiring now for top sales reps to Sell Franchises for 5% commission of $15,000 - $95,000 range based on Population areas. Over-rides on staff and free travel included, plus if you enjoy playing golf consider the greens fees waived as insiders. Free food and beverages at all events served as buffet style, dress code and country clubs rules apply. Easy training(1 day) will be in Los Angeles,  Boston, Sarasota  FL, Las Vegas and maybe skype/web-conference.

Send your resumes to  Samples can be mailed along with contract paperwork, start dates are coming soon!  Finders fees paid for foundry JV, Golf shafts, Putter grips, printed material, SEO services, Head hunters/Recruiters, etc... 

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Stanley(Stan)Krol Entrepreneur and CEO

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Stanley Krol CEO